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Contact Information
All of the members of our Community Development Department are ready and eager to assist you with your project.  

While specific technical staff and their extensions are indicated below, it is strongly recommended that your initial phone contact begin with the general Community Development Department phone number below because the answer to your question may be addressed more quickly by administration staff and/or routed to the appropriate staff member.

TRY THIS NUMBER FIRST - so that your question can be routed appropriately
Permits, Inspections, Contractor Registration, & Community Development

Building and Code Divisions
Jason Vitell - Building Commissioner - 630-981-6255
Tony Billo - Building and Electrical Inspections/Code Enforcement - 630-981-6264
Dave Chapman - Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance - 
Joey Jeraminas - Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance - 630-981-6261
Rose Gross -  Administrative Assistant - 630-981-6290

Community/Economic Development (EDC Liaison)
Jill Ziegler - Community Development Director - 630-981-6267 

Engineering Division (Engineering, Floodplain, Public Right-Of-Way, etc.)

Mike Todorovic - 630-981-6265

Fire Prevention Bureau (Alarms, Sprinklers, etc.)
Larry Kaufman - 630-981-6402

Planning & Zoning Division (P&Z Commission Liaison, Variances)
Joe Hennerfeind - 630-981-6260

Westmont Economic Development Partnership 
Larry Forssberg - 630-824-9337