What day is my garbage & recycling scheduled to be picked up?

Map link provided below: Pickup Schedule: Westmont provides a comprehensive solid waste collection program. Three vehicles collect materials on each pick up day. One truck picks up garbage, another picks up recyclables and a third truck picks up yard waste (April 1st to November 30th). The Village contracts these services through Waste Management (800)-964-8988. Pickups are made once per week in each quadrant of the Village. Wednesdays are reserved for commercial/business pickups. Every week residents are to use the 96 gallon (all green in color) waste container provided by Waste Management and can put out one large item out for disposal (no additional garbage cans, must be under 50 pounds and no electronics). Any additional garbage requires a red garbage sticker for removal by Waste Management. Residents should place their garbage, recyclables (container green and yellow in color) and yard waste next to each other 3 feet apart out for pickup on the morning of or evening before their collection day. (Recycling is picked up every other week. Please see recycling FAQ) Holiday Pickup Schedule: During the year, there will be six holidays on which garbage, recycling, and yard waste will not be collected: Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day New Year’s Day During these weeks, collections will be made one day late from the observed holiday through the end of the week, with the final pickup day being Saturday.

Recycling and Waste Calendar and Service Schedule

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