I ride the train to work. Where can I park?

A parking permit is required to park in the commuter lots. On weekdays no permit is required to park in the “Zone A” lot after 8:30 a.m. Hourly metered parking is available on West Burlington Avenue, requiring $2.00 in quarters for 12 hours. There is free weekend parking in the commuter lots on Saturday and Sunday. There is no overnight parking allowed in any of the commuter lots. METRA owns the commuter parking lots located at the Westmont Train Station. We are required by our agreement with METRA to administer the parking in a non-discriminatory manner. This means that no preferential treatment can be given to residents or non-residents. Permit Parking: The commuter permit parking is divided into the following three zones and is paid for quarterly usage. The amount charged is $125.00 per quarter. Zone A: Located on the south side of the tracks on W. Quincy; starts west of the Train Depot Building at Grant St. and runs west to Adams St. Zone B: Located on the north side of the tracks on Burlington St. and runs from Lincoln St. west to Williams St. Reverse Commuter/Overnight: Located on Burlington between Park St. and Williams St. (the amount for this permit parking is $125.00 per quarter.)

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1. I ride the train to work. Where can I park?
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