100th Anniversary Mascot Best Pet Contest

Garrett Named 100th Anniversary Mascot 

in Westmont Best Pet Contest

Westmont, Illinois -- Date: March 18, 2021

“We had a lot of great entries in our best pet contest,” said Westmont Communications Specialist Jennifer Babyar, who helped coordinate the event. “The owner write-ups along with the pet pictures made this a very fun and enjoyable event, which was our goal.   We are happy to announce that Garrett, a labrador retriever and trained service dog, has been selected as our 100th Anniversary Mascot.”

In his write-up, Garrett’s owner said that he is well-suited as a therapy dog who has volunteered for six years at Manning School and Miller School in the Paws for Tales Reading Program. Garrett has also provided comfort to the residents of Burgess Square Health Care & Rehab Centre. Garrett is also part of a video on the Naperville Humane Society website.

Thousands of people participated in the contest voting for the Westmont Best Pet Contest.  Garrett received the most votes from Westmont residents and friends of the community.  However, this contest is about the love we have for our pets, so we have a unique award for every participant as they are all deserving of recognition.  Each entry will receive an official 100th Anniversary Best Pet Contest award certificate.  Following is a listing of all the awards. Photos and write-ups for each entry can be found in our Village of Westmont Photo Gallery.

100th Anniversary Mascot Best Pet Contest Results

Village of Westmont Official 100th Anniversary Mascot & Best Pet Award - GARRETT

Bears Fanatic Award - YOGI

Best Big Boy Award - RUFUS T. FYREFLY

Best Buddy Award - MOOSE 

Best Companion Award - BIGSBY

Best Cuddle Buddy Award - SUMMIT

Best Dressed Award - MAVERICK

Best Driver Award - SALLIE

Best Sidekick Award - CHEWBACCA

Best Smile Award - LUNA

Best Snarl Award - MABELl

Best Towny Award - JACK 

Bestest Friend Award - MAXIE

Big Mouth Award - FRANKIE

Biggest Ears & Biggest Heart Award - DASHA

Biggest Heart Melter Award - JORDY

Biggest Helper Award - PIPER

Chubbiest Cheeks Award - SPEEDY

Cuddliest Companion Award - IVY

Curliest Cutie-Pie Award - TURK

Cutest Blue Eyes Award - VELCRO

Cutest Couple Award - SKIPPER & LAYLA

Cutest Snoozer Award - GRACE

Dynamic Duo Award - LOLA & PEGGY

Floofiest Bunny Award - LEONARD (LENNY) SCHMIDT

Floppy Ear Award - BAUER

Fluffiest Doggo Award - BEAR

Friendliest Fur Baby Award - BENNY

Goofy Boy Award - TUCKER MAGOO 

Happy Dog Award - BUDDY

Largest Lap Dog Award - MILLIE

Longest Locks Award - WINNONA

Lovelist Face Award - FINN G.

Lovely Pupper Award - TUCKER

Loveliest Song Award - TWEETY BIRD

Most Artistic Award - BINNY

Most Beautiful Finns Award - GABY

Most Beautiful Stripes Award - RUBY

Most Chillaxed Award  - HANK THE TANK

Most Dapper Award - MERLIN

Most Dashing Award - HIRO

Most Delightful Award - POTATO

Most Huggable Award - HARLEY

Most Kissable Face Award - BENTLEY

Most Likely To Be Cast In A Star Wars Movie Award - ROOT

Most Likely to Save the Neighbors Award - SIREN

Most Playful Pup Award - ROO

Most Playful Kitty Award - CHURCHILL

Most Snuggly Award - TULA

Most Splendid Spikes Award - NURI

Most Witty Mimic Award - SHLOMI

Most Wonderful Weenie - MITZI

Party Animal Award - MOCHI

Smooshiest Face Award - PANCAKE

Social Butterfly Award - FINN R.

Sweetest Face Award - CARLY

Trio of Trouble Award - THE BURLINGTON BARKERS

Whitest Whiskers Award - OSHA

Wisest Kitty Award - MAYA

World Traveler Award - LEVI

Pictures of each pet entry along with their names and write-ups will be published on the Westmont 100th Anniversary Celebration webpage.  Congratulations to all of the participants and thank you to everyone who voted.