Meeting & Public Comment Information

All Village meetings, except for Executive Session (also known as closed session) meetings, are open to the public. The Village of Westmont follows the State of Illinois Open Meetings Act, which is a law designed to ensure citizen participation and government transparency.

Meeting Schedules and Agendas

Many Village meetings, including meetings of the Village Board and Planning and Zoning Commission, are held at the Village Hall, 31 W. Quincy Street, on the second floor. Other Village meetings may be held at various locations and at various times. A complete list of scheduled meetings and agendas are published on the Village Website.

Agenda Center

Public Comments/Questions - Online Form

Citizens wishing to provide public comments/questions at a public meeting may do so in person at the appropriate time as listed on the agenda for that meeting. Citizens may also send their public comment/question to via online submission. 

Public Comments/Questions Online Form 

COVID-19 Response - Virtual Meetings

During this unprecedented time when the Village Hall is closed to the public, we strive to continue our core services for the community and responsibilities to the public. With that, the Village will be planning virtual public meetings in which the members of the board or committee will participate in a virtual meeting from various remote locations. These meetings will stream live on YouTube. Citizens can participate by submitting their public comments and questions in advance of the meeting using the form above.

Village of Westmont YouTube Channel

The Village of Westmont has a YouTube Channel in which various recorded board meetings and other videos can be found and viewed by the public at their convenience. Also, there are some community meetings, including meetings of the Village Board, Planning & Zoning Commission, and CUSD201, are streamed live on YouTube, which allows citizens to watch the meetings via YouTube while the meeting is occurring. Following are links to the Westmont YouTube Channel.

Westmont YouTube Channel

Westmont Live Meeting Streaming