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This webpage is intended to provide valuable information regarding all things "green" in Westmont and throughout the area. Please check out our various links regarding additional information and resources.

Environmental Improvement Committee

The Environmental Improvement Committee (EIC) typically meets on the first Monday of each month, except July, at the Westmont Public Library, 428 N Cass Avenue. The EIC is charged with the responsibility of discussing various environmental topics and concerns as well as providing recommendations to the Village Board regarding the implementation of "green" strategies and initiatives in our community. Meetings typically begin at 6 p.m. and are open to the public. For more information, please contact the EIC via the EIC group email.

No Mow Until Mother's Day

In the Spring of 2021, the Village of Westmont launched a new initiative that invites residents to not mow their lawns through Mother’s Day for the purpose of helping the local ecology, specifically the habitats of pollinators. For more information, check out the program description in the NewsFlash section or this No Mow FAQ sheet. To participate, please fill out the No Mow Program online sign-up form.

On October 7, 2021 the Village of Westmont received the Pat Miller Community Engagement Award for its efforts No Mow Until Mother's Day Program. 
No Mow Award

Recycling Resources

Following are links to DuPage County, SCARCE and Waste Management recycling information and resources:

Waste Management Recycling Right Information
DuPage County Recycling Information

Sustain DuPage Environmental Commission & Committee Coalition (EC3)

The Village of Westmont is a member of Sustain DuPage’s Environmental Commission & Committee Coalition (EC3). The mission of EC3 is to foster collaboration among DuPage Environmental Commissions and Committees for the purpose of pooling resources and expertise to further regional environmental goals. EC3 is the first Environmental Commission & Committee Coalition in Illinois. To learn more about EC3, visit the Sustain DuPage website.

Village of Westmont Annual Water Quality Report

Per federal mandate, municipalities are required to produce an annual report regarding water quality. These reports are typically completed in the spring of each year, and must be officially published by July 1. To view the most recent Water Quality Report, also known as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), Water Quality Report Page.

Richmond Education Gardens & Apiary (REGA)

The Villages of Westmont and Clarendon Hills are working together to design and develop the Richmond Education Gardens and Apiary. This project is located on the public right-of-way between the Clarendon Hills Public Works facility and the Downers Grove Township Highway Garage, just south of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad. Once completed, REGA will provide a place in our communities to promote education programs about our environment.

REGA is being designed to include a hobbyist apiary surrounded by native vegetable, wildflower, butterfly, wall and rain gardens. Each of the elements will include a plaque with basic information as well as a link to supporting website resources. For more information, visit the Richmond Education Gardens & Apiary website.

Safe Disposal of Needles

The Village of Westmont offers free disposal of used and unwanted needles via a Sharps Kiosk in the lobby of the Westmont Police Department, 500 N. Cass Avenue. Residents have access to the kiosk during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Needles must be put in the proper sharps receptacles, located at the Police Department, before being placed in the kiosk. When available, residents can obtain a free personal-use only sharps box by contacting the Records Department in-person, during business hours. Supplies are limited. This kiosk is not intended for commercial, business, or medical facility use. At this time, the Village of Westmont does NOT accept EpiPens.

Safe Disposal of Prescription Drugs - RxBox Drop Box

The Westmont Fire and Police Departments are partnering with the DuPage County Health Department to provide a prescription drug drop box in the lobby of the Police-Fire facility located at 500 N. Cass Avenue. Residents will have access to the RxBOX during regular Police Department office hours when the lobby is open, Monday thru Friday from 8am-4pm.  RxBOX is a convenient and accessible way for citizens to dispose of unwanted medications that might otherwise be misused or end up in our waterways or landfills.
Disposing Instructions

  • Bring household medication including over-the-counter, prescription medications, inhalers, ointments and liquid medications that are expired or no longer wanted.
  • All medications must be contained in a zip-seal type bag prior to disposal.  
  • If you plan to recycle the original container/packaging, remove any personal information on the label to reduce concerns about personal identification information.
  • Deposit your medications in the white collection container marked "RxBOX".  Do not dispose of medication in the green collection container for “sharps.”

Items Not Accepted
The following items are NOT accepted in the RxBOX:

  • NO household chemical waste
  • NO medical waste
  • NO radioactive medicines

NON sharps, needles, or epinephrine pens are accepted in the RxBOX, however, there is a Sharps Disposal Kiosk in the Police-Fire facility lobby at 500 N. Cass Avenue. Check out our Police Department FAQ for more information regarding sharps disposal. https://westmont.illinois.gov/504/FAQs

RxBOX Locations
View RxBOX Locations in DuPage County.
RxBOX Details
RxBOX Locations and Details

For additional information, contact the Westmont Police Department at 630-981-6300.

DuPage County Latex Paint Recycling

DuPage County offers a latex paint recycling program for residents. The location of the program is at the Woodridge Greene Valley Wastewater Treatment Facility, 7900 S. Route 53 in Woodridge.  For more information, visit the DuPage County Latex Pain Recycling webpage or call 630-985-7400.

Styrofoam & Plastic Bag Recycling

The Village of Western Springs provides a monthly drop-off service that accepts clean styrofoam. For more information, visit the Western Springs Recycling Webpage.

Also, Jewel/Osco offers a plastic bag and film recycling program. Jewel/Osco businesses provide a plastic bag recycling bin at the entrance of their stores. Bags that can be recycled include plastic grocery bags, dry cleaning bags, produce bags, trash can liners, and bread bags.

Pumpkin Composting

Each fall, the Village of Westmont coordinates a pumpkin composting event to help prevent used and unwanted pumpkins from entering the waste stream.  Thousands of pounds of pumpkins are collected each year. Events details including collection date and location are published prior to the event.  For more information and a video about keeping pumpkins out of landfills please visit the SCARCE website

Cooking Oil Recycling

DuPage County offers a number of locations that offer cooking oil recycling. For a list of all of the locations visit the SCARCE website. Cooking oil recycling is also offered at the Downers Grove Sanitary District.

Downers Grove Sanitary District

2710 Curtiss Street
Downers Grove, Illinois
HOURS: Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Holiday Lights Recycling

Each year, the Village of Westmont offers a free holiday lights recycling program. The program typically runs from November through the end of January. Unwanted holiday lights can be dropped off at two locations: the Johanik Fire Station Headquarters at 6015 S. Cass, and the Westmont Public Library at 428 N. Cass. This is a self-service drop-off program. Lights should be free of any decorations and should not be in plastic bags.

Tree Watering Tips

Trees are assets to the community when properly planted and maintained. View information on how to properly water your new and mature trees (PDF).


**Electronics Recycling Program
is currently on hold due to COVID-19**

Free Electronics Recycling Program

Third Saturday of each Month, 8 am to noon
Downers Grove Township Highway Department Facility at 318 E. Quincy Street in Westmont
There is a charge of TVs, monitors, and microwaves. Collection will be on the third Saturday of each month, unless that date falls on a holiday.

Program Details

  • NO audio cassettes, videotapes, or CDs will be accepted.
  • There Will Be a Charge for All TVs, Monitors and Microwaves.
  • All TVs, monitors, microwaves will need to have a prepaid coupon from AVA to be accepted.
  • Prices for TVs will range from $25 to $60. Microwaves are $10. Monitors are $15.
  • A copy of the coupon can be taken to AVA’s retail store in Glendale Heights to be used as cash towards the purchase of refurbished electronic equipment.
  • Prices for recycling TVs, monitors and microwaves and coupon purchases can be obtained by going to the AVA Recylcing Event website.

Items Accepted

  • Most electronics will be accepted
  • Computers, Laptops, LCD Monitors, Batteries & UPS Systems
  • Printers, Copiers, Fax Machines
  • Electronic Circuitboards, Cords, Wires
  • Small Appliances & Toys
  • Central Office Equipment
  • Stereo Equipment, Games, PDAs
  • Banking and Financial Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Telephones, Cell Phones

As in the past, the collection event closes promptly at noon. Electronics can only be dropped off on event dates. Drop-offs outside of designated hours are not allowed. For more information, contact via email AVA Recycling or 847-397-2900.