Other Potential Fees

Detention Waiver Cash in-lieu of fee for Type B permits—$125,000 ac/ft of detention volume. Must be approved by the Village Board. Currently, there is a detention waiver moratorium in effect.

Street Improvement Cash-in-lieu of Fee—$100 per lineal foot of frontage. To be paid when it is impractical to provide street improvements (street widening, curb & gutter, storm sewers, street lights, water extensions, etc., for property frontage). Must be approved by the Village Engineer.

Plat Recording Fee—$250 for the Village of Westmont Deputy Clerk to record Plats of Subdivision, Vacations, and Dedications.

Recapture Agreement Fee—If a previous developer secured a recapture agreement for water, street, or detention which the current developer will use, the Village will collect this fee to pass on to the previous developer.

Zoning & Subdivision fees—contact Village Planner

Other Permitting Entity Contacts

Projects may require (additional) permits from the following entities. Contact the applicable agency for submittal requirements and fees:
IL Department of Transportation (IDOT) - 847-705-4024
DuPage Co. Department of Transp. (DDOT) - 630-407-6900
DuPage Co. Div. of Env. Concerns (DEC) - 630-682-7220
DuPage Co. Transp. Impact Fee—630-407-6674
Downers Grove Sanitary District—630-969-0664
Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District—630-323-3299
DuPage Co. Health Department—630-682-7400
DuPage Co. Recorder—630-682-7200
DuPage Co. Clerk’s Office—630-682-7035
DuPage Co. Government—630-682-7000