Engineering and Bond Fees

Engineering Fees

For plan review and inspection fees, if a professional service is used, the Village shall be reimbursed for the costs for such service. Before the Village may initiate any review of a permit submittal, the applicant shall submit a non-refundable filing fee. This filing fee will be credited towards the total fee of a permit at the time of its issuance. Minimum fees shall be as follows:

Individual Lot

New single-family and duplex residence (includes up to 4 review submissions).

  • Filing fee: $1,200.00
  • Total fee: $2,200.00

For multi-family residence, commercial, and/or industrial buildings (includes up to 4 review submissions):

  • Filing fee: $2,500.00
  • Total fee: $3,200.00, plus $2,500 per acre

If additional reviews are necessary, the Village’s cost for said re-review shall be born by applicant.


Shall be as approved per engineer’s estimate (AEE) of construction costs:

  • Filing fee: $2,500.00
  • Total fee: $3,200.00, plus 4% of AEE

Separate construction projects, such as parking lots, storm sewers, water mains, pavements, curbs and gutters, and other separate construction project not part of new subdivision improvements or certain on-site improvements:

  • Filing fee: $500.00 or 4% of AEE, whichever is less
  • Total fee: $100.00, plus 4% of AEE

Special management areas, such as flood plains, wetlands, riparian environments:

  • Filing Fee: as reviewed and designated by DuPage County

Excavation and grading (when done as a separate project): Fee: $80.00

Right-of-way excavation: Fee: $80.00

Village of Westmont Code of Ordinance, Ch. 34, Art. IV, Sec. 34-111.

Engineering Bond Fees

Bonds are to ensure completion of work in accordance with approved site plans, landscaping plans, village specifications and details, and engineering plans for specifications. Bonds are as follows:

Individual Lot (based on AEE)

New single-family or duplex residence: Cash Bond of $1,500.00

New Multi-family residence, commercial or industrial building: Cash bond of 5% of the AEE, not less than $3,000.00 and not to exceed $10,000.00


Letter of credit using standard Village wording valid for at least 2 years: 110% of the AEE for the public improvements in the subdivision

Separate construction projects

Private improvements: Cash bond of 5% of the AEE, not to exceed $10,000.00. Cash bond may be not less then $1,000.00 when site plan has been approved by the Village Board.

Public improvements: Cash bond or letter-of-credit in the amount of 110% of the AEE, not less than $1,000.00

Right-of-way excavation: Cash bond of 110% of approved restoration costs, not less than $300.00

Bond amounts required by this section shall be increased by an appropriate amount if, in the opinion of the village, the amount required therein, would not be sufficient to construct required improvements, or repair damages to sidewalks, pavements, trees, or any other village property that might result due to the construction of the proposed improvement.

Village of Westmont Code of Ordinances, Ch. 34, Art. IV, Sec. 34-111