Electric Service & Distribution

Choosing Your Electric Supply Company

The Village of Westmont has an agreement with ComEd that authorizes them to distribute electricity to Westmont citizens. In addition to providing electric distribution, ComEd also supplies electricity to many residents, but residents may research and choose their own electric supply vendor if they wish.

When pursuing electric supply vendor options, consumers are urged to be cautious. Be sure to get all of the details before choosing a supply company as some supply vendors have variable rates that may spike after the start of the new contract, as well as charge penalties for exiting a contract early. Also be alert for utility scams. Some energy suppliers employ telemarketers and door-to-door salesmen to recruit new customers with promises of lower rates for switching. Salespeople may ask for your name, address and utility account number, but not a credit card, however, that information is enough to switch your provider either with your blessing or by "slamming," the illegal practice of switching customers to another provider without their consent.

To protect yourself, avoid unsolicited offers and compare the rate of service and all terms and conditions before signing any contract or agreement. For a listing of electric supply vendors in Illinois and to compare rates and terms of state-vetted suppliers, please visit Plug In Illinois.

Please note, that the Village of Westmont does not endorse any particular electric supply vendor.

The Illinois Citizen Utility Board (CUB) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization created by the Illinois General Assembly in 1983 to represent the interests of residential utility customers across the state. CUB works for lower rates and better service from the state’s investor-owned electric, gas and telephone companies.

CUB also works to ensure that the introduction of competition into the utility industry will provide real benefits for real people, and not just added headaches and hassles. CUB operates a Consumer Hotline (1-800-669-5556) that provides assistance to individual consumers who have complaints against their utility companies.

For more information regarding the Illinois Citizens Utility Board (CUB), please visit their website, Citizens Utility Board.

For more information regarding electric aggregation, please email the Village or call 630-981-6245.