Westmont 311 - Report A Concern

Report a Concern image

NOTE: Do not use Westmont 311 to report an emergency. 
In case of an emergency or suspicious situation, do not hesitate - dial 9-1-1 immediately.

In order to utilize the Westmont 311 Report A Concern platform, a laptop or desktop computer must be used.  Cellular phones have trouble accessing the system. 

Please use WESTMONT 311 to communicate with the Village of Westmont on a variety of topics including non-emergency private property and public way concerns.  For best results, please use a computer to access WESTMONT 311.  This program does not translate well on cell phones at this time.  A WESTMONT 311 phone app is in development. 

There are 4 basic steps to follow for citizens to make a request using WESTMONT 311:

STEP 1 - Click on this link for the WESTMONT 311 landing page

STEP 2 - Once you're on the WESTMONT 311 landing page, you will have 4 options:

  • Sign in to an existing account *
  • Sign up for a new account *
  • Review an existing service request (must have an account)
  • Create a new request (requests can be made anonymously)

* NOTE: You must sign up for an account if you want to have the option to follow up on any requests.  Additionally, if you have an account, your submissions will be a matter of public record and therefore subject to Freedom of Information Act, FOIA, requests.


STEP 4 - Once you are on the MAKE A REQUEST page, you will need to do the following:

  • ENTER A REQUEST TYPE using the dropdown menu
  • SELECT A LOCATION by typing in the address of the request or clicking on the map
  • ENTER REQUEST DETAILS in the description box
  • ADD AN IMAGE if you want to upload a picture regarding the request
  • ENTER CONTACT INFORMATION if you wish for staff to contact you regarding your request, however, you will have the option to submit anonymously

If you have technical issues with WESTMONT 311, contact us at 311support@westmont.il.gov. Please do not submit service requests to this email address.