Business Licenses

Per Village Code, many businesses require a license to operate within the Village of Westmont. The Village Clerk’s Office works with the Westmont Community Development Department and the Westmont Fire Department along with the business during the licensing process. For your convenience, the Village of Westmont has published a PDF of the business license application. For further information, please contact the Village Clerk’s office at 630-981-6222.

Business Contact Information

To help ensure that the Village Clerk's Office has current contact information, businesses are encouraged to fill out and submit all updates using the online business contact form. This information will help ensure that billing and license renewal information will be received by businesses prior to the due date.


For new business licenses and business change of ownership, the Community Development Department and Fire Department conduct inspections as required by Village Code. Additionally, the Westmont Fire Department conducts regular annual inspections as required by the State of Illinois.

Valid Business License Issuance

A valid business license, new or renewed, must be issued prior to conducting business operations and being open to the public. Valid business licenses are issued by the Village Clerk’s Office, but only after all Building, Fire, and Zoning inspections are approved, as applicable.