Building Permit FAQ

The Community Development Department has created this helpful FAQ slideshow to assist residents and developers with frequently asked questions.

Express Permitting

Express permits can be obtained for the following work only: 

To obtain an express permit, the below requirements must be met:

  • Contractor(s) must be currently registered PRIOR to applying for permits
  • Submittal must be complete (all documentation, property owner signature & contractor signature are required)
  • Application fee is due at the time of the submittal ($100). Any remaining balance for permit fee and/or inspection fee(s) are due at time of permit issuance.
  • Please be aware, Express Permits may take up to 1 full business day to process, depending upon volume of workload.

Projects Requiring Permits

Many home and business (commercial) renovation and remodeling projects require a permit before work begins - contact us if you have questions as to whether or not your project requires a permit. Projects that require Building Permits include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Additions & covered porches
  • Antennas (commercial)
  • Carpentry
  • Decks and pergolas
  • Drywall
  • Electrical (and services/upgrades)
  • Excavation
  • Fences
  • Flat work: asphalt, concrete and pavers - driveways, patios, walks, etc.
  • Generators
  • HVAC and other mechanicals 
  • Landscaping that affects drainage and flood ways
  • Masonry replacement/repair
  • New accessory buildings and structures
  • New principal buildings and structures
  • Pergolas and porches
  • Plumbing
  • Remodeling, renovations, or repairs
  • Roofing - repairs and tear offs
  • Sidewalks
  • Signs
  • Water heaters
  • Windows and exterior doors

Permit Applications & Specification Guidelines
Visit the Document Center to print out copies of required submittal documents such as:

Items Needed When Applying For A Permit

Depending on the project, additional information may be necessary to process a permit, but typical submittals may include the following.

All Work (including interior only work) requires:

  • Permit Application properly filled-out (including property owner signature and cost of construction valuation)
  • 3 complete sets of drawings/plans indicating all proposed work.  Additional set(s) may be required when also reviewed by the Fire Department.  (NOTE: drawings/plans involving structural elements or commercial in nature shall be stamped and signed by an Illinois Licensed Structural Engineer or Architect)
  • Contractor registration for general contractor and all subcontractors where applicable.
  • Building Application Fee ($100 minimum or 0.4% of construction cost) and/or Engineering Filing Fee as applicable and directed.
  • Any other information needed by staff to process the permit (such as project relevant Westmont Specification Sheets, manufacturer specification sheets or cut sheets, etc.)

Exterior Work (new structures, additions, accessory, etc) may also require:

  • Legal Plat of Survey that is not altered in size (reduced or enlarged), to scale and indicates all current conditions (e.g. house, garage, sheds, patios, walkways, driveways, etc.) may be required for submittal with application.
  • Site Plan which is, typically, a copy of the plat of survey that indicates the location of proposed work and, when necessary, the distance of construction to each lot line and exterior dimensions of the proposed construction may be required.
  • Any other information needed by staff to process the permit (such as project relevant Westmont Specification Sheets, manufacturer specification sheets or cut sheets, etc.)

Projects involving Exterior Work may also need:

  • Engineering and/or stormwater information that may require checklists, flow-chart, and other information required to be submitted with applications which can be found on the Village website or is available in the Community Development Department.  Once information is submitted and reviewed, additional information may be required to process the permit(s):
  • Preliminary engineering plans that are approved by the Village Board will still be subject to the formal review process and (final) engineering inspections.
  • Zoning change information that may require variances, special use permits, site plan, landscape plans, and other applications requiring approval by the Planning & Zoning Committee and Village Board.  Please speak with the Village Planner as each case varies depending on the proposed project.

DuPage County Links

DuPage County Floodplain Mapping

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Inspections are required for determination of compliance with submitted plans for all projects and it is the responsibility of the Permittee to notify the Community Development Department to schedule any, and all, inspections. For projects triggering Construction Certificate(s) of Occupancy, these will NOT be issued without approval of any or all the required building, engineering, fire, water or zoning inspections.

  • Inspection requests shall be made by 3:00 pm at least one (1) business day prior to the intended scheduled date.
  • Inspections are performed Monday through Friday during our normal business hours; and are scheduled either "a.m." or "p.m.".
  • All approved plans and necessary equipment must be on site and made available to Inspectors.
  • "Final Inspections" are required for ALL Permits issued.
  • Failure to call for an inspection may result in forfeiting part of/all of cash bond and the Permit and may be considered a violation of the Building Code.
  • The minimum charge for any Residential inspection, or missed inspection, or re-inspection shall be fifty dollars ($50.00). Commercial inspection, missed inspection, or re-inspection is one hundred dollars ($100.00)
  • At least one (1) inspection is required within any six (6) month period, or the Permit becomes invalid.

Fees & Bonds

Visit our Fees & Bonds webpage for more information on permitting and development-related costs.

Construction Site Operations & Regulations

Please visit our Construction Site Operations & Regulations webpage for details regarding Village Code regarding site development.


  • Building Application Fee – All permit submittals require a non-refundable application fee of .4% (.004) of the construction cost, which will be applied to the overall permit fee at time of permit issuance. Applications submitted without this fee will not be accepted. (For example, any projects with a construction cost of $25,000 or lower will require the minimum fee of $100)
  • Deferred Submissions Unacceptable – Fire Department "deferred" submittals are not acceptable - all project-related plans shall be submitted for review at the start of a project at the same time along with all other plan sets (IE: architectural and civil). Permits will not be issued until all plan reviews are approved.

If you have any questions regarding permits and inspections, please contact the Community Development Department at the Village Hall, 31 W. Quincy, 1st floor, or call 630-981-6250.