Tree Replacement Program

The Parkway Tree Planting Program is one of the oldest community development programs continuously offered by the Village of Westmont. This program along with all our urban forestry efforts are contributing factors towards Westmont being designated as a Tree City USA community for more than 15 consecutive years. Planting parkway trees produce many valuable benefits such as; cleanses pollutants from the air, absorbs carbon dioxide, produces oxygen, controls soil erosion, helps reduce ambient noise, and certainly beautification and economic value of the community.

Recent infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is devastating the ash tree population throughout Westmont, and the entire Midwest. It is estimated that over the next several years that we will need to remove more than 2000 ash trees just from public parkways in Westmont. Since the local identification of EAB in 2010 the Village has not been able to replace parkway trees at the same rate as annual removal. There has been increasing public interest in continued tree replacement. In order to expedite parkway tree replacements in Westmont the Village Board has adopted a Parkway Sharing Program.

Cost Sharing Policy

The Parkway Tree Cost Sharing Program is a voluntary program allowing any Westmont property owner to replace public parkway trees by ordering through the Village of Westmont. The purchase, site preparation and planting of the trees will be performed by the Public Works Department. The average cost of nursery materials (reviewed annually) will be paid by the property owner to the Village through an application process, including pre-payment. No permits will be issued for any individual property owner to plant their own trees on public rights-of-way.

The Village of Westmont is a part of the Suburban Tree Consortium, so tree species availability will depend on what is available through the various nurseries within the consortium. Residents will be able to request tree species they would prefer from an approved list of available species, but ultimately the Village Forester will have authority over final species selection for all requests at any location. The approved list of available species can be viewed online.

For all the reasons related to the fact that we are dealing with mass removals of a single species, tree diversity will be a high priority. Final selection will be based on site conditions as well as neighborhood diversification. Tree planting locations will depend on a lot of factors, including: utility, water service or sewer locations, street signs, fire hydrants or existing street lighting. See parkway tree planting factsheet for particular spacing requirements.

Residents choosing to participate in the cost share program would pre-pay for their tree ensuring replacement within the next available planting season. Other non-paid requests may be added to a waiting list for no-cost replacement, but replanting will be done as budgets permit each year. Replacements will be done on a first come first serve basis; consequently, replacement dates are indefinite and may take many years. Residents interested in the Parkway Tree Cost Sharing Program should complete application and email to or return to the Public Works Department at 155 E. Burlington Avenue or the Village Clerk in the Village Hall at 31 West Quincy Street.

Parkway Tree Cost Sharing Policy and Application

Parkway Planting Fact Sheet

  • Only approved species may be planted on the parkway. The Village of Westmont Approved Tree Species List is available through the Village Forester.
  • The same tree species can not be planted next to one another along any parkway.
  • All sites must provide for and conform to the ultimate growth of the tree. Trees with a mature height growth greater than 30 feet can not be planted under utility lines.
  • Assure proper spacing between particular species:
    • Large growing tree species must be planted at least 40 feet apart.
    • Medium growing trees species must be planted at least 30 feet apart.
    • Small growing tree species must be planted at least 25 feet apart.
  • Assure proper clearance from all utilities:
    • 10-foot - existing driveways, fire hydrants, vaults, water service lines, street signs, pedestrian lights and utility poles
    • 15-foot - stop or yield signs
    • 20-foot - street lights
    • 40-foot - traffic lights
  • Trees must be planted at least 20 feet from existing trees on private property.
  • No small growing species may be planted in place of any medium growing species, or medium in place of a large, where there is adequate space to accommodate the larger growing species, unless authorized by the Village Forester.
  • In order to avoid corner visibility obstructions, no trees shall be planted closer than 35 feet from the point of tangency of the curbs on any corner.
  • No clump form tree species shall be planted closer than 100 feet from any street corner.

Village of Westmont Approved Tree Species List