Construction Updates

Throughout the year, the Village of Westmont coordinates, schedules, and performs a number of construction updates that improve our community’s infrastructure for our residents and businesses. Also, the County and State perform various construction projects that may impact our community. This page has been designed to provide information regarding construction projects that will impact the Village of Westmont during the upcoming year.  Additional information regarding some of these projects may be included on the Village of Westmont's GIS Maps Construction Projects webpage.

2023 MFT Street Resurfacing Project

Expected completion date: Fall 2023


Resurfacing of approximately two (2) miles of roadways at various locations throughout the Village. Project will include surface grinding, base repairs, curb and gutter repairs, sidewalk repairs and ADA improvements, storm sewer rehab, along with other miscellaneous work. 


  • S. Williams Street (W 63rd to W 59th)
  • S. Wilmette Avenue (E 60th to 55th)
  • Arlington Avenue (Oakwood to Franklin)
  • Franklin Street (Philadelphia to Arlington)
  • Monticello Avenue (Oakwood to Franklin)
  • Philadelphia Avenue (Oakwood to Franklin)


Construction to begin July 17, 2023.  Traffic will be maintained during construction; however residents may experience delays due to construction equipment in the roadway and lane reductions can be expected. Affected residents have been directly notified.  

Resurfacing is currently underway in the Arlington, Franklin, Monticello and Philadelphia portion of the project.  We anticipate that most work in this neighborhood will be completed by September 6, weather permitting.  The concrete contractor will be moving onto the Williams Street portion of the project, with work in this area anticipated to take approximately 2 weeks.  

Surface course will be installed on Arlington, Franklin, Monticello and Philadelphia next week.  Williams level binder and surface course will be installed. Concrete and pavement patching will take place on Wilmette.   

CBD Alley Reconstruction Project Sec G


Central Business District (CBD) Alley bounded by Cass & Lincoln and Quincy & Richmond


Reconstruction of the deteriorated asphalt alley with decorative pervious brick pavers and pervious concrete base for structural stability. Project also includes storm sewer installation along the alley. Design and construction shall be coordinated with the upcoming development of Quincy Station located at the southwest corner of Cass Avenue and Quincy Street.


Sanitary sewer work in Alley G is completed.  The remainder of the Alley G work, including excavation, curb, pervious concrete and brick pavers, is scheduled to begin the week of July 24, 2023.  Construction is expected to take approximately six weeks, weather permitting.  

Permeable concrete is scheduled to be installed on Friday September 1, starting at 7:30 am, weather permitting.  The concrete will need to cure for 14 days before it can be driven on; however, the brick contractor will be able to start work setting the bricks after 7 days.  

Construction is substantially complete.  There are still some restoration and clean-up items remaining.  

CBD Alley Reconstruction Project Sec H

Project completion expected by Fall 2023, weather permitting. 


Central Business District (CBD) Alley bounded by Cass & Lincoln and Richmond & Dallas


Reconstruction of the deteriorated asphalt alley with decorative pervious brick pavers and pervious concrete base for structural stability. Project also includes storm sewer installation along the alley. Downers Grove Sanitary District will also be replacing the sanitary sewer in the alley in conjunction with this project.  


Sanitary sewer work will begin in the alley on Monday June 19, 2023.  Impacted residents and businesses will receive an individual notification.

Concrete curb and apron has be installed.  Installation of permeable concrete expected next week. 

Quincy Streetscape Project

Project began Spring 2023.  Project completion expected Fall 2023, weather permitting.  


Quincy Street from Cass to Lincoln, Lincoln one block south of Quincy Street. 


This project will consist of full width asphalt resurfacing on Quincy Street and Lincoln Street, replacement and realignment of sidewalk, curb and gutter and ADA accessibility ramps, installation of new lighting, landscape features and signage, installation of new storm sewer and drainage structures, new pavement markings and decorative streetscape features. 

Phase 1 includes the south side of Quincy Street and the east side of Lincoln Street.  Phase 2 includes the north side of Quincy Street and the west side of Lincoln Street.  


Traffic will be switched to Stage 2 configuration.  Traffic will be routed to the south side of Quincy so that work can begin on the north side. 

Traffic stage 2


Week of 9/5/2023: Pedestrian traffic along Quincy Street will be switched to the new sidewalk; existing sidewalk in front of buildings will be removed.  Access to all buildings and businesses will be maintained. 

9/15/2023:  Completion of Phase 1

10/13/2023:  Completion of Phase 2

10/27/2023:  Substantial completion of project


Contact Person:

Austin Nault, Primera Engineers, (636)734-0986, 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How will parking be affected?  Street side parking within the work zone will be unavailable during construction.  Street side parking on Lincoln and Quincy outside of the work zone, as well as the commuter parking lot, will be available.  

2.  Will deliveries to my business be affected?  If there are any scheduled deliveries, please contact Austin Nault.  If necessary, construction activities will be temporarily halted to ensure that businesses can receive scheduled deliveries. 

3.  Will pedestrian access be affected?  Delineated walking paths for pedestrians will be maintained throughout construction.  Areas in front of businesses will be restored as quickly as possible.  Pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained via temporary ramps and walkways throughout construction.

4.  Where can I get dropped off for the train?  Commuter drop offs are on the East side of the Metra depot building in the parking lot. 

5.  Will the train station building remain open?  Train station hours will not be affected by this construction project. 

6.  Will commuter parking be affected?  The commuter parking lot will remain open.  The West parking lot exit will be narrowed during certain times of construction. 

7.  Will my garbage pickup be affected?  Garbage pickup will not be affected by the Quincy Street project. 

8.  Will my water service be interrupted?  Water service will not be interrupted.  

Residential Alley 1S Reconstruction Project 

Project to begin Summer 2023


Residential Alley bounded by Lincoln & Grant and Quincy & 55th Street


Reconstruction of the gravel alley with asphalt pavement, concrete edge restraint, storm sewer and associated restoration. 


08/29/2023:  Nicor relocations are completed.  Storm sewer work has started at the north end of the project.  

2023 Westmont Sidewalk Program- Adams, W 57th, Lindley, S Wilmette and 65th St. 

Project to begin Spring 2023


  • Adams Street (Diane Park to 55th Pl)
  • W 57th Street (S Park to S Adams)
  • Lindley Road (W 57th to 55th)
  • S Wilmette Avenue (E 55th to E Dallas)
  • 65th Street (Fairview Schram)


This project consists of construction of new sidewalks and ADA compliant ramps.


08/10/2023:  Work is substantially complete in Newfield Manor.  The contractor will be back to address punchlist items and any dead sod.  Contractor is framing and pouring sidewalk on 65th Street.  This is done in phase to allow access to the apartment buildings. Excavation will start shortly on the Wilmette portion of the project. 

09/22/2023:  Work is substantially completed.  Landscape restoration and punchlist work is underway.

Linden, Warwick and Dallas Watermain Improvements Project


  • Linden Ave from Des Moines to Richmond
  • Dallas St from Warwick to Linden
  • Warwick Ave from Des Moines to Dallas


This project consists of approximately 2,081 linear feet of 8" PVC watermain, including gate valves, vaults, fire hydrants, services and other associated work. 


This project is substantially complete.  Concrete, asphalt and landscape restoration is underway. 


For more information regarding Westmont Public Works projects, please contact Public Works Director Amy N. Ries, P.E. at or 630-981-6289.