Village Budget

The Village of Westmont creates and approves an annual budget, which guides the financial operation of the Village of Westmont. The Village operates on a May 1 to April 30 fiscal year. 

A budget workshop is typically held in April. To ensure government transparency, budget meetings are open to the public, and the budget workshop is recorded and posted on the Village of Westmont YouTube Channel. After the budget meetings and workshop, the Village prepares a draft budget, which is voted on by the Village Board, typically in late April. After the Village Board approves the preliminary budget, the Finance Department compiles a final budget that functions as a policy document, an operations guide, and a communications document. That final budget is typically available by September of that fiscal year.

Following is a list of links to Village of Westmont approved budgets from the past several years:

PDF copies of Village of Westmont budgets from 2005 to present can be found in the Budget - Document and Forms section of this website.

The Village of Westmont publishes and/or provides various financial-related documents as required by State Law as well as our internal protocols to assure Government Transparency.

If you have further questions regarding the budget or any other financial documents, please contact the Finance Department via email.