Media Relations & Community Events

The Village of Westmont Media Relations and Community Events Coordinator is Larry McIntyre. Larry works directly with the Village Manager’s Office to ensure good communication between the Village and the citizens of the community. Additionally, Larry serves as a liaison between the Village and community organizations that plan to host community events. He assists with the coordination of special events as they relate to the responsibilities and role of the various Village Departments.

Community Event Permits

The Village of Westmont has created a community events permit request form and checklist for the purpose of assisting community organizations and other entities that wish to host or coordinate community special events in the Village of Westmont. Completion and approval of this form is mandatory for any community event that is requesting special permissions from the Village of Westmont. This includes street closures, use of public right-of-way, permission for parades, use of amplified music, hanging of temporary banners, etc. Events that invite large public gatherings or assemblies of people that may result in a distinct impact on public right of way should also complete this form. All block parties and private parties utilizing amplified music must obtain permission from the Village, but do not need to fill out this form.

Please contact Westmont Media Relations Coordinator and Community Events Liaison Larry McIntyre at 630-417-0280 or

to assist with the completion of this form. Once completed, the permit request and accompanying checklist will be submitted for staff review. Requests that require Village Board Action will be placed on a Village Board agenda for consideration. Copies of completed requests will be placed on file with the Village Clerk’s Office.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Village of Westmont thanks all of the wonderful volunteers of our community. Without question...

Volunteers Make it Happen in Westmont!

Whether you’re interested in getting involved with one of our community events through the Westmont Special Events Corporation, or assisting our Police and Fire Departments through our Emergency Management Agency, or assiting our seniors through the Westmont Senior Center, or getting involved with one of Westmont’s many community service organizations, there are many opportunities for people to get involved.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities in the Village of Westmont, please email Westmont Media Relations Coordinator Larry McIntyre or call 630-417-0280.