EMA - Emergency Management Agency

What is EMA?

The Village of Westmont Emergency Management Agency (EMA) consists of community volunteers who have been trained to assist our professional emergency service personnel for a variety of situations and duties. The EMA is charged with the task of assisting in the coordination of all governmental and non-governmental agencies in time of emergency and disaster, and providing the unique skills and capabilities related to disaster preparedness. Westmont EMA also works with the DuPage County Office of Emergency Management.

EMA functions as a division of the Westmont Fire Department, but also interfaces with and supports all Village departments. The EMA Division operates with a full-time Coordinator/Director along with the following part-time volunteers: two Deputy Coordinators, (Administration, and Operations), a Captain/Training Officer, two Lieutenants, and 21 additional members. Local operations include traffic and crowd control at fire, police or weather-related incidents and major Village events. EMA maintains an emergency operations center during times of emergency or disaster and supplies supplemental manpower, communications and emergency lighting for such incidents and events.

Members must complete training courses required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and are required to have training for the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Members are trained in workplace and home safety, basic first aid, CPR, and Severe Weather Training, in addition to hands-on training in traffic control, phone and radio operations, and emergency equipment operation.

Westmont EMA also supports and distributes severe weather alerting receivers to all our schools in Westmont, which are capable of early warning for severe weather, and Amber alerts for missing children nationwide.

EMA Volunteers

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Westmont EMA, contact the Westmont Fire Department at ema@westmont.il.gov or 630-981-6400. You can also fill out this volunteer information form to obtain more information.  We thank you for your interest.