Boards, Commissions & Committees

Following is a comprehensive listing of all Village of Westmont boards, commissions, and committees.

Committees of the Village Board

Each of the following committees is designed to foster strong communication between village departments and the village board.  Each of these committees is chaired by a Village Board member.  Committees of the Village Board typically meet prior to regular Village Board meetings.

Special Committees

The Village of Westmont has created several special committees, each with its own specific focus.  These committees meet throughout the year to plan and enact various programs and activities related to their mission.

Boards & Commissions

The Village of Westmont has several unique boards and commissions, each with its own specific focus and mission.


All village boards, commissions, and committees publish a notice prior to their meetings that includes the agenda, date, time, and location of the meeting.  Information is published on the village website as well as at the entrance of Village Hall, 31 W. Quincy Street.  Meeting dates are subject to change. Please review the Village Calendar for current meeting information.