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We hope to provide valuable information regarding all things "green" in Westmont and throughout the area. Please check out our links below for additional information.

On January 23, 2014, the Village Board approved the appointment of nine volunteers to the newly re-established Environmental Imrpovement Commission (EIC).  The EIC plans to meet on the first Monday of each month, except July, at the Westmont Public Library at 428 N Cass Ave, Westmont, IL 60559, to discuss various environmental concerns and how we can implement "green" initiatives in our community.  Meetings will typically begin at 6 p.m. and all meetings are open to the public. Current commission members include:
Kimberly Lombardozzi - Chairperson Mary Gabryel - Secretary Glenn Gabryel Bob Van Hyfte  Kate Johnson Erin Kennedy Mary T. McAuliffe Brittany Smith Tyler Alton Tieche

The environmental improvement commission will be responsible for developing programs to improve the relationship between village residents and businesses and their local environment.  These programs will be enacted on a local level with the intent of the village to do its part to improve the global ecology. 

0217 holiday lights recycling.JPG

2017 composting.JPG

2017 Richmond Garden update.JPG
There are now six locations in DuPage County that are open regularly for recycling cooking oil.  The cooking oil collection program is growing!  
For a list of all of the locations visit www.scarce.org.
Downers Grove Sanitary District Cooking Oil Collection site
2710 Curtiss Street, Downers Grove, Illinois
Monday-Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
Saturday, October 14, 2017 pick-up
8:00am - Noon
Westmont Water Department
39 East Burlington Ave.
Orders can be emailed in until Sunday, October 8th.  Supplies are limited, so order yours today!

Does your landscaping need a refresh?  Add native trees & shrubs to your yard for $30-$35! 
Not only do native plants add beauty, they add shade and provide habitat for wildlife. 
A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the Richmond Education Garden and Apiary!
Visit richmondgardens.org for more ways you can support our future garden!

Here's how it works:
CLICK HERE to view and download the Tree and Shrub List and Order Form.   
Email your completed order form to Jan Roehll at

Mail your completed order form to:
Jan Roehll
The Conservation Foundation
10S404 Knoch Knolls Road
Naperville, IL 60565
CLICK HERE for descriptions of the native trees and shrubs being offered through the sale.

If you have further questions, please contact Jan Roehll at 630-428-4500 x121 or .

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

April 29, 2017, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM at Westmont Police Station, 500 N. Cass Ave.
The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day aims to provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs, while also educating the general public about the potential for abuse and medications.

Westmont Celebrates Arbor Day With Annual Tree Seedling Giveaway

To celebrate Arbor Day, the Westmont Environmental Improvement Commission (EIC) is coordinating its annual tree seedling giveaway.  On Arbor Day, Friday, April 28th between 2 and 6 p.m, Village Forester Jon Yeater and EIC volunteers will be at the Westmont Library to hand out tree seedlings to Westmont residents.
"The recent loss of so many trees in town has also resulted in the loss of their associated benefits community wide,” said Yeater, who is the Village Liaison to the EIC.  “These lost benefits include regional cooling, filtering air and  oxygen production, stormwater runoff reduction and filtering, increased property values and much more.  The tree seedling giveaway promotes replanting with locally acclimated, long-lived, diverse trees species to increase the health and vitality of our urban forest in the future.  Since the start of this program in 2012, the Village has given out almost 2000 tree seedlings!" 

  Norway Spruce (Picea abies) Shumard Oak (Quercus shumardii)
  Sugar Maple (Acer saccarum) Redbud ( Cercis canadensis)
SELECT YOUR FAVORITES NOW! Use the sign up form to reserve your selections while they are still available! TREE SEEDLING SIGN UP FORM

2017 Arbor Day Student Contest “Gifts Trees Give Us“ Results

To celebrate Westmont’s Tree City USA 21st Anniversary, the Westmont Environmental Improvement Commission (EIC) has announced the 2017 Annual Arbor Day Student Art & Essay Contest. The contest is open to all K-12 students who either live in Westmont or attend a school located in Westmont.
           “Trees are important to our community and we hope to encourage students to appreciate
           the many gifts and benefits trees provide," said EIC Secretary Mary Gabryel. 

A reception will be hosted for the contest winners at the Westmont Library April 29, from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. 
We appreciate all the entries submitted by all students and look forward seeing to next year's contest submissions!  

Anabelle Christensen C. E. Miller Elementary School K-1st-2nd Artwork
Keshav Viswanath C. E. Miller Elementary School K-1st-2nd Essay
Samyuktha Viswanath C. E. Miller Elementary School K-1st-2nd Essay
Peter Sebastian Holmes Elementary School K-1st-2nd Artwork
Casandra Christensen C. E. Miller Elementary School 3rd-4th-5th Artwork
Suryakumari Sista C. E. Miller Elementary School 3rd-4th-5th Artwork
Darren Chen Maercker Elementary School 3rd-4th-5th Essay
Sebrina Sebastian Maercker Elementary School 3rd-4th-5th Essay
Pranav Viswanath C. E. Miller Elementary School 6th-7th-8th Essay
Evelyn Kostal No Corner Suns Art Studio 6th-7th-8th Artwork
Maria Attaallah Westview Hills School 6th-7th-8th Artwork

               Anabelle Christensen      Casandra Christensen      Darren Chen.JPG     EvelynKostal.jpg
             Anabelle Christensen   Casandra Christensen        Darren Chen               Evelyn Kostal

Keshav Viswanath      Maria Attaallah      Peter Sebastian      Pranav Viswanath.JPG             
              Keshav Viswanath          Maria Attaallah            Peter Sebastian         Pranav Viswanath

                            Snyukta Viswnathkjpg            Sebrina Sebastian.jpg            Suryakumari Sista.jpg  
      Samyuktha Viswanath         Sebrina Sebastian              Suryakumari Sista

You can also view last year's winners by scrolling to the bottom of the page!


These FREE Presentations are at the Westmont Library at 428 N Cass Ave, Westmont, IL 60559.
Conservation @ Home
Thursday, February 23, 7 – 8 pm
Learn how to create a more eco-friendly yard from Jim Kleinwachter of The Conservation Foundation. He will share a variety of techniques for transforming your yard, including the use of rain barrels, rain gardens, and the selection and use of native plants.

Attract Birds and Butterflies to Your Yard
Wednesday, March 8, 7 – 8 pm
Welcome birds and butterflies into your yard using bird feeders and easy to grow plants and shrubs. Judi Davenport, a University of Illinois Master Gardener, leads this program.
Convert Lawns to Edible Forest Gardens
Tuesday, March 14, 7 – 8:30 pm
Are you working for your yard or is your yard working for you? Hear about forest gardening, a low-maintenance garden designed with fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines, and perennial vegetables, presented by The Resiliency Institute.
Natural Lawn Care Basics
Monday, March 27, 7 – 8 pm
Learn how to create a healthier lawn and reduce the health risks and environmental impacts of pesticides and herbicides from Ryan Anderson of the Midwest Pesticide Action Center (MPAC).
Sustainable Homes and Year-Round Indoor Gardening
Wednesday, April 12, 7 – 8 pm
View a demonstration of how to grow leafy greens, herbs, and vegetables indoors year round using the latest home sustainability technology and methods. Presented by Victor Zaderej from Molex’s Solid State Lighting Group.
Where have all the Monarchs Gone?
Wednesday, May 3, 7 – 8:30 pm
Local resident Pat Miller will look at historical environmental factors which affect the monarch butterfly population. Find out current efforts to turn the tide of population decline and what you can do to help.
Solving Your Yard Problems
Thursday, May 18, 6 – 7 pm
Do you have water puddles in your yard or heavy clay soil? Learn how to deal with these water problems, and the secrets to composting all your organic material to make rich additions to garden and flower beds from Jim Kleinwachter of The Conservation Foundation.

Saturday, Nov. 19th thru Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017
Fire Station Headquarters, 6015 S. Cass                                                
Westmont Public Library 428 N Cass.

Two Locations this year!  This is a self-service drop-off program.  
The collection container will be located near the southwest corner of the Fire Department parking lot and the library parking lot.   
Lights should be free of any decorations and should not be in plastic bags.
Let’s beat last year’s collection of 2,237 pounds!!!

Location:  Woodridge Greene Valley Wastewater Treatment Facility, 7900 S. Route 53 in Woodridge
More information:  DuPage County at (630) 407-6700 or the Public Works Department at (630) 985-7400 or visit, www.dupageco.org/recyclingprograms/.

FREE! ELECTRONICS RECYCLING PROGRAM Third Saturday of each Month, 8am - NOON Downers Grove Township launches their new Electronics Recycling Program on Saturday, March 19, 2016, 8 a.m to Noon at their Highway Department Facility at 318 E. Quincy Street in Westmont. There will be a few program changes including a charge for TVs. The program will continue on the third Saturday of each month, unless that date falls on a holiday. 
* NO audio cassettes, videotapes, or CDs will be accepted.
* There will be a CHARGE FOR ALL TVs. 
* All TVs will need to have a prepaid coupon from AVA to be accepted. 
* Prices for TVs will range from $15 to $60. 
* A copy of the coupon can be taken to AVA’s retail store in Glendale Heights to be used as
cash towards the purchase of refurbished electronic equipment.
* Prices for recycling TVs and coupon purchases can be obtained by going to their website at AVArecycling.com and clicking on the municipal box on the top left portion of the screen.

* Most electronics will be accepted
* Computers, Laptops, LCD Monitors, Batteries & UPS Systems
* Printers, Copiers, Fax Machines
* Electronic Circuitboards, Cords, Wires
* Small Appliances & Toys
* Central Office Equipment
* Stereo Equipment, Games, PDAs
* Banking and Financial Equipment
* Medical Equipment
* Telephones, Cell Phones

As in the past, the collection event closes promptly at noon.  
Electronics can only be dropped off on event dates.
Drop-offs outside of designated hours are not allowed.
For more information, contact AVA Recycling at AVArecycling.com or 847-397-2900.

There are now six locations in DuPage County that are open regularly for recycling cooking oil.  The cooking oil collection program is growing!  
For a list of all of the locations visit www.scarce.org.
Downers Grove Sanitary District Cooking Oil Collection site
2710 Curtiss Street, Downers Grove, Illinois
Monday-Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

There is a Sharps Kiosk in the lobby of the Westmont Police Department, 500 N. Cass Avenue. Residents will have access to the kiosk during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., to safely drop off unwanted or used needles. Needles should be put in the proper receptacles, located at the Police Dept., before being placed in the kiosk.

Follow the links to DuPage County, SCARCE and Waste Management recycling information and resources:

DuPage County Recycling Information
Residential Recycling - Myth Busters, what can and cannot be recycled

 WM myth buster.jpg    wm always recycle.jpg    WM do not recycle.jpg

November 5, 2016, Saturday 10am-2pm
Location:  The Farm, 34 E. 63rd Street, Westmont.
East of Cass Ave. on the north side of the street

Last year we composted 3,000 pounds! YEAH!!!
Help us beat that number this year!  
Do you buy pumpkins for Halloween? Is your Jack-o-lantern past its prime?  Don’t throw it away!   
Compost it for FREE!!  and let the nutrients & water go back to feed our soil!

Deposit pumpkins in The Farm’s composting collection container behind the barn.
Please bring your pumpkins compost ready!  Remove all inorganic materials 
such as candles, yarn hair, stickers, googly eyes & plastic ears.
For more info, visit the SCARCE website at www.scarce.org   

September 19, 2016, Monday 7 - 8:30pm

Presentation Title:  Argonne National Labs Panel Discussion on Alternative Fuel
Location:  Westmont Village Hall 2nd floor, 31 W Quincy St, Westmont, IL 60559
Speakers:  Guenter Conzelmann: Directory of the Center for Energy, Environmental and 
Economic Systems Analysis at Argonne National Laboratory.  Andrew Burnham: A principal 
environmental scientist at Argonne National Laboratory.
Session Description:  The Village of Westmont’s Environmental Improvement Commission will host a 
dynamic presentation conducted by two key scientists from Argonne National Laboratory.  
Guenter Conzelmann, Director of the Center for Energy, Environmental, and Economic Systems Analysis in the Decision & Information Sciences Division at Argonne will be leading the discussion along with 
Andrew Burnham, one of Argonne’s principal environmental scientists specializing in fuel production alternatives for the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program. 

Mr. Conzelmann will discuss how the current trajectory toward an electricity-driven economy will require 
a different approach than that which is currently in place.    He will cover current trends in the industry 
and how such progression will interface with the delivery of clean and affordable electricity across a ‘smart’ infrastructure of the future.   

Mr. Burnham will address the environmental impact of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles with an 
emphasis on our current economic state.  We will be introduced to ‘AFLEET Tool’, a model developed by 
Mr. Burnham that evaluates the costs and benefits of utilizing these types of environmentally- conscious vehicles in a municipal setting.   

BIO:  Guenter Conzelmann: Directory of the Center for Energy, Environmental and Economic Systems
Analysis at Argonne National Laboratory.  His research focuses on the development and application of 
modeling and simulation tools to study strategic energy and power sector issues, including energy 
efficiency of buildings, renewable energy integration, advanced conventional energy, smart grid 
implementation and environmental impacts of energy production.  Mr. Conzelmann is the recipient of 
various prestigious awards and has published many articles based on his research.  
BIO:  Andrew Burnham: A principal environmental scientist at Argonne National Laboratory who is 
currently developing tools and providing technical analysis regarding the environmental and economic 
impacts of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles for the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program.
In addition, Mr. Burnham performs life-cycle analysis to help update the Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation (‘GREET’) model.  

April 30, 2016, Saturday 10 - 2 pm
Safe Disposal of Medication
Westmont Police Station, 500 N. Cass

2016 Arbor Day Artwork & Essay Contest “I Love Trees Because…” Results
To celebrate Westmont’s Tree City USA 20th Anniversary, the Westmont Environmental Improvement Commission (EIC) coordinated an Arbor Day Student Art & Essay Contest. The contest was open to all K-12 students who either live in Westmont or attend a school located in Westmont.  Some of the top submissions are on display at the Village Hall, 31 W. Quincy, second floor, through the end of April 2016.  We appreciate all the entries submitted by all students and look forward seeing to next year's contest submissions!  

Keshav Viswanath C.E. Miller School Grade 1 Essay
Samyuktha Viswanath C.E. Miller School Grade 1 Essay
Anisha Mathew Holy Trinity Catholic School Grade 3 Artwork
Autumn Schumerth Holy Trinity Catholic School Grade 3 Artwork
Suryakumari Sista C.E. Miller School Grade 4 Artwork
Anugraka SoundararajanMaercker Intermediate SchoolGrade 5 Essay
Klaudia Xhemali Maercker Intermediate School Grade 5 Artwork
Namomi Luangdilok Maercker Intermediate School Grade 5 Essay
Pranav Viswanath Westmont Junior High School  Grade 6 Essay
Heather Sledzinski Holy Trinity Catholic School Grade 7 Essay
Stephanie Walker Westmont Junior High School Grade 8 Artwork

      anisha.jpg         autumn.jpg         ss.jpg
         Anisha Mathew                        Autumn Schumerth Suryakumari Sista

                kx.jpg                   stephanie 2.jpg
               Klaudia Xhemali                                              Stephanie Walker

April 4, 2016, 6:00pm
Presentation Title:  Are there Lead Hazards in My Home?
Speaker:  Mary T. McAuliffe 
Session Description:  If your home was built before 1978, there is a good chance it has lead-based paint. Even low levels of lead can have significant effects on a child.  The most important step parents can take is to prevent lead exposure before it occurs.  Learn about sources of lead hazards in older homes, yards and playgrounds, and some simple steps you can take to protect your family.
BIO:  Mary McAuliffe has been a resident of Westmont since 1996.  She is currently serving as a Commissioner on Westmont’s Environmental Improvement Commission in Westmont and is an Advocate with DuPage CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) which serves to guard the best interests of abused, neglected and dependent children in DuPage County's juvenile court system.  She graduated from the University of Illinois College of Law, and has been an attorney with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Chicago since 1989.

April 4, 2016, Monday, 6:45pm
Presentation Title:  Radon’s Indecent Exposure
 Elliott Wall and Kelly Sibert, Elliott & Associates
Session Description:  This presentation will provide basic information about radon, including what it is, where it comes from, and how it can affect your home and health.  He will also provide information pertaining to the types of radon testing available, how testing should be conducted, and state testing protocols for specific building types.  Finally, we will discuss radon inspection and how it relates to contracts for purchase and sale of real estate.
BIO:  Kelly is the Illinois Licensed Radon Measurement Professional for SafeHouse Radon Testing and an attorney licensed to practice law in Illinois and Florida.  With a background in real estate, business and foreclosure law, he took advantage of an opportunity to start his own radon testing business in 2013.  Kelly has personally conducted nearly 1,000 radon tests in both residential and commercial settings, and services multiple home inspectors and realtors in the greater Chicagoland area.  Kelly is a member of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists and the National Radon Safety Board.
BIO:  Elliott started his business in 1985 as a radon testing contractor, not a radon mitigation contractor. But when he frequently found elevated levels of radon gas, there was no company in the Illinois area that performed radon mitigation.  Since 1986 Elliott & Associates quickly became the first radon mitigation company in the area. 

He was the first mitigation professional in Northern Illinois with a special license for schools and commercial buildings.  His passion for the radon industry grows every day, especially when he meets the families that have gone through lung cancer. He believes radon systems should be known as cancer prevention systems, not just active sub-slab ventilation systems. He is considered a leader in the industry for realizing there are other potential sources for radon gas such as: garage slabs, porches, and adjoining driveways in addition to basements and crawl spaces.  www.radonillinois.com

April 11, 2015, Monday, 7:00pm
Presentation Title:   Sustainable Homes and Year-Round Gardening
Speaker:   Victor Zaderej, Manager of Advanced Development for Molex’s Solid State Lighting Group
Session Description:  Presentation and discussion of latest home sustainability technology and methods. Demonstration of how to grow leafy greens, herbs and vegetables indoors year-round.
BIO:  Victor received his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in Mechanical Engineering. He completed his MBA in 1995 from Quinnipiac University. He holds 33 patents within the fields of electrical packaging, thermal management, energy conservation, and solid state lighting. www.solarhomesus.com

April 12, 2016, Tuesday, 7:00pm
Presentation Title:   What's a green home? 
Speaker:  Laureen T. Blissard, Principal - LTLB envirotecture AIA,  ALA,  NCARB,  LEED AP BD+C,  LEED AP HOMES, USGBC LEED® Faculty™, LEED for Homes Green Rater, HERS Rater, Greenstar Professional, Chicago Self-Cert
Session Description:  Right now there is quite a bit of confusing hype as to what constitutes an aspect of a green home. Some might think that going green means installing solar panels while others might think it's all about bamboo floors. Come hear about the complete “green“ picture as well as tips to guide you on your journey through sustainable home improvement!  
BIO:  Laureen holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in architecture from the University of Illinois and has built a successful 25-year+ practice in the design and construction of buildings, homes, and interiors as well as rating, inspection, and certification of green properties.  As the principal of the firm LTLB Envirotecture, Laureen has managed the verification for over one-thousand homes that are either "green" certified or in the process of becoming certified.   The firm also does additions and existing home retrofits for aging in place clients on a case by case basis.  
Laureen is also currently the technical director of the Green Builder® Coalition and is the program administrator for the WERS program which is a water use predictive modeling tool.  The role of the technical director is to provide technical advice and specifications in the construction of green homes and buildings. www.ltlbenvirotecture.com

May 2, 2016, Monday, 7:00pm
Presentation Title:  GMO's & You
 Amy Cox, CHC, AADP, omstead, llc
Session Description:   Do you wonder what foods are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)? Perhaps you want to better understand the science & studies behind them?  Is labeling such as Non-GMO, organic, natural and conventional confusing to you?  

Join Certified Health Coach Amy Cox of omstead, llc for an informative discussion aimed to help you become an educated consumer, so that you can make your own empowered decisions about what is best for you and your family.   Attendees will receive a non-GMO vegetable starter plant to take home and plant in their garden.  Plants will be distributed on a first come first served basis as supply is limited. www.omstead.net

April 22, 2016, Friday 2:30pm – 7:30pm 
2016 Westmont Arbor Day FREE Seedling Giveaway
 Westmont Public Library, 428 North Cass Avenue, Westmont, IL 60559
The Village of Westmont is once again hosting a free Tree Seedling Giveaway Program in support of Arbor Day.  Residents can sign up online and choose the seedlings they would like to receive through Monday, April 11th.   

All participants must be a resident of Westmont.  Residents will be allowed to order up to two seedlings per Westmont address.  Seedlings must be picked up at the Westmont Library on Earth Day, Friday, April 22, from 2:30 to 7:30pm.

Please visit http://www.westmont.illinois.gov/ and fill out the online form.  If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Village Forester Jon Yeater at .

For complete information regarding the Village of Westmont's Recycling & Waste Hauling program, pleaseCLICK HERE.


On March 4, 2013, the Village of Westmont received a Cool Cities Award from the Sierra Club. Lonnie Morris, Cool Cities Coordinator for the State of Illinois, presented the award to Mayor Pro Tem Sue Senicka in response to the Village’s commitment to using renewable energies.

The Cool Cities Award was achieved by fulfilling the Village’s commitment to reduce greenhouse emissions in Westmont by 7 percent by 2012. Through the bid specifications of the Village of Westmont’s Electric Aggregation program from 2012, not only did the Village save money for Westmont residents by lowering their electric bills, but they also committed to purchasing electricity from environmentally friendly electric company producers.

"I think it's very important for Westmont to be involved with a program like this,” says Westmont resident George Hamper, who is a regional representative for the Environmental Protection Agency and the former chair for the Westmont Environmental Improvement Commission. “It has become clear that scientists correctly reported greenhouse gas emissions are a contributing factor to climate disruption. Measures such as this will definitely improve the environment."

Hamper added that recent temperature statistics are of concern. In 2010, there was a record for the highest annual average temperature for the entire planet, and in 2012, the United States recorded the highest annual average temperature since statistics such as these were first recorded in 1895.

Additionally, Morris mentioned that residents may be able to achieve lower gas bills through an energy efficiency program through NiCor Gas. For more information, visit their website at www.nicorgasrebates.com.

In 2010, the Village of Westmont adopted the Westmont Climate Action Plan, which was created by an ad hoc committee of resident volunteers who were asked to follow through on this initiative.  In 2015, the EIC will look into updating this important document.

Under the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, municipalities like Westmont have committed to set goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and strive to achieve those goals in their own communities through actions ranging from anti-sprawl land use policies to urban forest restoration projects to public information campaigns. State, federal and international actions are also needed to address the problem of greenhouse gas emissions, and a number of those actions have already been initiated while other proposals are currently being debated and negotiated.

Westmont had already initiated several actions that tend to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before it was asked to join the Mayors Climate Protection Program. These actions include promoting transit-oriented development, establishing bike routes and promoting public transit, purchasing Energy Star equipment and appliances for municipal operations, increasing recycling rates throughout the community, converting
municipal diesel vehicles to bio-diesel (earning recognition under the Illinois Green Fleets Program), and planting many trees every year (earning a “Tree City” award).

This Climate Action Plan includes 16 strategies for reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions from the entire community by 7% below the 2000 level by 2012 and 20% by 2020. It also includes 8 strategies for reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions from municipal operations by 40% below the 2000 level by 2012, and 45% by 2020. Some of these strategies are new, while others are a continuation of ongoing efforts. Most of the
strategies in this Climate Protection Plan involve money-saving energy conservation proposals that will help to reduce household, business, and municipal fuel costs and utility bills for many years into the future.

Clearly, state, federal, and international programs and policies are needed to hold global warming within a reasonable range to prevent dire consequences. In the meantime while those programs and policies continue to take shape, there is plenty that Westmont can do to help.

A link to the 2010 Westmont Climate Action Plan is listed below.

2010 Westmont Climate Action Plan