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Building Fees
Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Signage, and Misc. Plan Review Fees
There shall be a charge for reviewing plans, permits, checking computation, determining estimates, researching specifications, and like activities. All plans are sent out to a professional service for review. Said cost for review shall be paid for by the permittee and will be added to the total cost of the permit(s). If the project is reviewed and then is withdrawn, becomes null-in-void, or application expires, the permittee will be invoiced for the cost of review at the time of withdrawal or expiration. The Director may, at his/her discretion, have the project reviewed by Village staff. The in-house plan review fees are as follows:

  • Non-commercial (including multi-family dwellings) additions, renovations, alterations, and build-outs performed in-house shall be $150.
  • Residential (single-family) additions, renovations, and alterations performed in-house shall be $100.
  • Non-residential repairs, replacements, and detached accessory structures performed in-house, shall be $50.
  • Residential repairs, replacements, and detached accessory structures performed in-house shall be $25.
ALL plan review fees are non-refundable.