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Participant Information
As a police officer of the Westmont Police Department you are entitled to receive pension benefits through the Westmont Police Pension Fund. These benefits include retirement income as well as replacement income due to disability or death. Your pension is funded by property taxes, officer's contributions and investment earnings.

This portion of the Police Pension Fund section is designed to assist you in understanding this important part of your financial security and how your pension fund is managed. This section includes valuable information and resources such as;
  • A summary of benefits
  • Information on the operation of your pension plan
  • Commonly used pension plan forms
  • Links to state pension regulatory and governing agencies and other important sites
  • Copies of financial reports
  • Other information that we hope you will find useful

Police pension benefits are established and managed under Article 3 of Section 40 ILCS 5/ of the Illinois Compiled Statutes. Not every provision of the pension laws is reviewed in this website. You may refer to the pension statutes for additional and in depth information. The pension laws are available upon request from the Westmont Police Pension Fund or public sources, including a link on this website. At all times, the detailed information included in the statutes governs your benefits. Should any law change or interpretation result in a conflict between this website and the actual statutes, the statutes govern.

The information contained in this website is not intended for a substitute for legal advice nor is the information contained in this website a guarantee of a certain benefit. Be sure to check with your attorney or with your Pension Board of Trustees before taking action.

The Westmont Police Pension Fund Board of Trustees welcomes your questions and input on pension benefits.